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Have a look at what properties I currently have to show you, compliments of Verse. Verse Property Group in Victoria Park serves clients in sought after areas such as Como, Kensington and South Perth, and many others through out the Perth metropolitan area. Book an appointment with me to see our clients beautiful properties.

I love marketing and this is what I can do for your property:

Think of a movie. Do you go see it because you liked the poster or you saw the trailer? It’s the same with property. Every property tells a story, and my goal is to show your prospective buyers the best story possible, so they just can’t wait to get inand see it for themselves!

Your property video is a virtual home open that has two purposes: One, bringing more people in to see your home open. Two, ultimately needing to do less home opens, which means less stress for you! I want buyers to be drifting off to sleep at night dreaming of your beautiful property because they just watched the video of it on I’m not even kidding when I say I’ve gotten property inquiries at 2am.

Here’s a gallery of some of my property videos:


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